Under this pillar, we work to create the following outcomes:

  • Increased effectiveness of our Community Partners.
  • Strengthened capability of our Community Partners to engage in partnerships & to influence outcomes.
  • Created more trusted & genuine partnerships, which centre our Community Partners’ voices as the experts.
  • Our Community Partners believe that we have contributed to better outcomes that they value.
  • Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Partners are assisted to deliver the Closing the Gap Agreement which, in turn, creates more shared decision-making; builds the community-controlled sector; improves mainstream institutions’ accountability to community and improved access to, and capability to use, locally relevant data.

Our Recent Work

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Artists in the Black Project

Learn about our community partnership with Arts Law Centre of Australia and our work with their Artists in the Black project. We hear from John Waight, Artists in the Black Coordinator, Robyn Ayers, Arts Law CEO, together with KWM Senior Associate, Rebecca Stanley.

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Artists in Residence Project

KWM’s Artists in Residence Project was proudly launched in our Perth centre during National Reconciliation Week in 2018. This exciting initiative is a collaboration between Waringarri Arts Centre in Kununurra, in far northern Western Australia, and KWM. 

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Walgett Local Aboriginal Land Council

We focus on recent legal work undertaken by Mark Upfold (Partner) and Josephine MacMillan (Lawyer) for Walgett Local Aboriginal Land Council.


Learn about our strategic community partnership with LawRight, and in particular, our work with Law Yarn and the Wuchopperen Health Justice Partnership. We hear from Joint Director of LawRight, Sue Garlick, together with KWM Solicitor (Brisbane) and Clinic Leader for the Law Yarn Wuchopperen project, James Semit, as they provide an insight into this innovative project and the support of KWM.

Workshop series
Impact Masterclass Project
KWM’s Impact Masterclass Project (“IMP”) combines the legal expertise of its lawyers, along with insights from its commercial clients to build on core legal and specialist knowledge and skills in an adaptive and tailored forum for not-for-profit and community organisations.


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About the Artist: Nathan Thomas  

We commissioned Nathan Thomas, Artist with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, to design a visual representation for each of our outcome pillars. His works are powerful and deeply inspiring. They reflect the development of, and commitment to, genuine and trusted partnerships. His works centre the authority and leadership of community.