Under this pillar, we work to create the following outcomes:

Deployed our market-leading pro bono practice to support our Community Partners to influence systems change & structural reforms to ensure that:

  • Young people report improvements in life outcomes in their communities.
  • Young people enjoy higher levels of social & emotional wellbeing.
  • Families & households are safer.
  • Young people face fewer barriers in accessing legal services.
  • First Nations young people are not overrepresented in the criminal justice or child protection systems. 

Our Recent Work

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Just Reinvest NSW

Learn about our community partnership with Just Reinvest NSW and our work supporting their systems-change priority areas. Hear from Jo Lunzer, Policy and Research Lead for Just Reinvest NSW, and KWM Solicitor Nick Horton who provide an insight into this important work and the support of KWM.

Clinics Program

Clinics Program

KWM proudly operates a range of pro bono legal clinics across Australia. 

Under the clinic model, KWM lawyers (and in some instances, our commercial clients) help community legal organisations to provide legal assistance to their clients in areas of unmet legal need. KWM currently runs 22 clinics all across Australia.

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Social Reinvestment WA

Learn about our community partnership with Social Reinvestment WA (SRWA), and in particular, their work to help reduce the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in WA's justice system. Hear from Sophie Stewart, Campaign Coordinator for SRWA, and KWM Solicitor, Patrick Mackenzie.

Youth Diversion Project

Youth Diversion Project

KWM is working in close collaboration with our community partners as part of a Youth Diversion Project.

This law and procedure reform project is focussed on the disproportionately low rates of diversion from court for young Aboriginal people coming into contact with police.

The project involves detailed case file analysis, stakeholder consultations, and legislation and policy review. To date, the project has identified the need for and facilitated the introduction of specialist children & young person procedures and further reform considerations. Our work is ongoing.


About the Artist: Nathan Thomas

We commissioned Nathan Thomas, Artist with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, to design a visual representation for each of our outcome pillars. His works are powerful and deeply inspiring. They reflect the development of, and commitment to, genuine and trusted partnerships. His works centre the authority and leadership of community.