Reimagining Equal Justice For Young People

Creating positive social change while rethinking major justice challenges

KWM Community Impact deploys KWM’s expertise, experience and networks in a highly strategic and multi-layered approach to reduce inequality & poverty among young people, especially First Nations young people.

We devise and deliver pro bono legal services, social mobility projects, skilled & community volunteering initiatives and philanthropy.

Through this approach, our award-winning social impact programme seeks to inspire & empower all of our people to work together to create a more just society and to address the structural and major justice challenges of our time.

Leading research sadly estimates that more than 1.1 million Australian children and young people live in poverty and experience inequality

Our programme prioritises this group, with a deeper focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, to help develop evidence-informed solutions, led by the communities and young people, to realise the greatest possible impact


of Australians live below the poverty line


3.24 million







young people


1.1+ million

children & young people

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Improving the Legal System

We contribute to an informed evidence base for discussion and potential advocacy regarding aspects of the legal system requiring change and provide legal education to help build knowledge in the community about legal rights and responsibilities. We, in part, do this via:

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Supporting Equal Justice and Opportunities

We support equal justice for those most in need by providing pro bono legal advice, support and representation. This includes creating access to a range of powerful opportunities which have the potential to reduce the socioeconomic gap facing some young people. We, in part, do this via:

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Strengthening Civil Society

We contribute to building capacity and creating sustainable solutions for our community partners and civil society through knowledge exchange, our expertise and our resources. We seek to provide exciting, engaging, innovative and philanthropic initiatives which are supported by our people and raise substantial funds for targeted purposes. We, in part, do this via:

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Exploring the Big Challenges

We are tackling some of the major legal and structural causes of poverty and inequality in Australia through discussion, debate and advocacy. This is being achieved by developing further links to government, peak bodies, community legal centres, legal aid and/or UN agencies to better understand and respond to the structural causes of poverty and inequality issues. We, in part, do this via:

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Exploring Technology and Equal Justice

We support innovative and technological solutions which achieve better equal justice, reduce inequality and poverty. We seek to educate our people to consider and address the adverse impact of technology on equal justice through discussion, debate and advocacy.

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