Impact Pillars

A3: Strengthening Civil Society

Strengthening Civil Society

2020 Vision: We will work with & alongside our Community Partners, and civil society in general, to help them build strong & adaptable organisations, and confront challenges when they arise.

Our objectives are to:

To contribute to building capacity and creating sustainable solutions for our Community Partners, and civil society, through knowledge exchange, our expertise & our resources

To provide exciting, engaging & innovative philanthropic initiatives which are supported by a large proportion of our people and raise substantial funds for targeted purposes

Some of our key initiatives supporting these objectives are:

Advice & Representation Service

KWM provides a range of legal services to individuals & organisations aligned to our objective on a pro bono basis. The areas of law we routinely advise on include contracts, privacy, data protection, employment, housing and tenancy, disputes, intellectual property and risk management. On average we donate around 45,000 hours every year.

Impact Masterclass Project

KWM's Impact Masterclass Project (IMP) combines the legal expertise of KWM lawyers, along with insights from its commercial clients to build on core legal and specialist knowledge and skills in adaptive and tailored monthly workshops for not-for-profit and community organisations.


KWM's philanthropy is formalised through DigDeep®, our workplace giving project. KWM partners and staff donate money directly from their pay to selected community partners. KWM matches staff donations dollar-for-dollar, doubling the financial contributions received by our community partners. Since 2001, KWM has raised, matched and donated more than $12.5M to our community partners.

Artists in the Black Project

Artists in the Black is a service of Arts Law, dedicated to providing legal assistance and advice to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities. KWM is heavily involved in this project through the secondment of lawyers to the project, both at Arts Law’s offices and in remote communities. KWM also accepts a range of referrals via Artists in the Black.

Empowered Partnerships Project

KWM has partnered together with one of our community partners as part of ongoing law reform and practice circuit breaker project on bail and remand in South Australia, in response to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal peoples on remand and experiencing bail issues. The project centres on identifying interventions to disrupt the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people refused bail/held on remand and in breach of bail.

Adopt a Lawyer Project

The 'Adopt a Lawyer' program is designed to build on the existing Artists in the Black project run by Arts Law and its support of community art centres by creating one-on-one relationships between individual art centres and a single law firm. Art centres can contact their designated law firm directly for advice on specific legal issues with support and backup available to both the art centre and the law firm from Arts Law as needed. KWM has proudly been ‘adopted’ by Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, Moa Arts and Jilamara. A range of our lawyers have been seconded to each location for periods of time.

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