Impact Pillars

B2: Exploring Technology & Equal Justice

Exploring Technology &
Equal Justice

2020 Vision: We want to explore new ways to deliver legal advice & assistance to disadvantaged communities to improve equal justice, while at the same time, respond to the challenges new technology presents.

Our objectives are to:

To support innovative & technological solutions which achieve better equal justice, reduce inequality & poverty

To learn about, and then, consider & address the adverse impact of technology on equal justice, through discussion, debate & advocacy

Some of our key initiatives supporting these objectives are:

Reform Hub

Through Reform Hub, KWM brings together our broad experience in advising the community sector to identify systemic legal issues and structural challenges facing the sector and their clients. Through exploring and pursuing potential options for reform, KWM can contribute at a macro scale, to addressing the key challenges faced by vulnerable people.


ChangeChallenge is a KWM Community Impact and Innovation collaboration for summer clerks in our Sydney and Canberra centres. They work in teams to empathise, define, ideate, iterate, prototype, test and pitch an idea relevant to the KWM Community Impact program.

KWM Impact Assembly

The central aim of KWM Impact Assembly is to explore major challenges experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with a specific focus on access to justice. This long-term project seeks to identify, workshop, design, test and then implement new pro bono projects/initiatives led by KWM to assist and/or alter the legal justice system to promote and facilitate the best outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Working together with NATSILS and the State and Territory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, KWM seeks to support long-term sustainable change through collaborative, holistic and committed partnerships. This project is ongoing.

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