Impact Pillars

B1: Exploring the Big Challenges

Exploring the Big Challenges

2020 Vision: We will facilitate informed discussion, debate and where appropriate, advocacy, on the major contemporary & future challenges facing Australia & humanity worldwide.

Our objectives are to:

To tackle some of the major legal & structural causes of poverty & inequality in Australia through discussion, debate & advocacy

To develop further links to government, peak bodies, academic institutions, community legal centres, legal aid and UN agencies to better understand and respond to the structural causes of inequality & poverty

Some of our key initiatives supporting these objectives are:

Permanency of Culture

KWM is currently working with our community partners on a Law reform project focussing on the permanency of culture for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, which aims to work towards a child protection system that recognises permanency of culture as integral to the wellbeing and best interests of Aboriginal children. Working with various stakeholders, this work seeks to bring together interdisciplinary research and family law/international jurisprudence that can be used to support submissions in relation to the importance of culture. This is combined with detailed case law reviews in the child protection and family law jurisdictions nationally and internationally.

Children & Climate Change

KWM representatives attended the East Asia and Pacific expert consultation to Advance Children’s Rights to a Healthy Environment, hosted in Indonesia in October 2019. In preparation, KWM conducted a significant and large-scale study focussing on five countries (Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Mongolia and Viet Nam) in the Asia-Pacific region in support of a regional assessment by UNICEF. Our work continues.

Economic Empowerment

KWM is supporting Binarri-binyja yarrawoo (Empowered Communities, East Kimberley), with a project focussed on economic development in the East Kimberley region in the wake of Covid-19. Change in Aboriginal Social Indicators in the East Kimberley charts the changes at a population level across several vectors of wellbeing for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley. BBY are hoping to use the report to generate some focussed response in the East Kimberley to economic shocks expected in light of COVID-19. This project is ongoing.

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