Impact Pillars

A1: Improving the Legal System

Improving the Legal System

2020 Vision: Our community impact work will utilise our industry leading skill set, and be bold, dynamic, challenging and to ensure maximum impact, directed to where we may be able to improve the legal system.

Our objectives are:

To contribute to an informed evidence base for discussion and potential advocacy regarding aspects of the legal system requiring change

To provide legal education to help build knowledge in the community about legal rights & responsibilities

Some of our key initiatives supporting these objectives are:

Talk Law®

TalkLaw® is KWM’s signature community legal education initiative which is delivered nationally targeting Year 10 students in areas with high migrant backgrounds and/or disadvantage. It is delivered together with a variety of our commercial clients. The program is currently delivered to 12 schools.

Youth Justice Project

KWM has partnered to provide support on a Youth Justice Project. This ongoing law and systemic reform project is based around a significant report on the state of youth justice and those who lived experience in youth justice. Our work is ongoing.

Law Waves

KWM works with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service QLD (ATSILS) to prepare and update radio scripts to deliver CLE to Aboriginal &
Torres Strait Islander communities.

Human Rights Law Group

KWM's Human Rights Law Group makes a meaningful contribution to
vulnerable individuals and the community by engaging in cutting-edge human rights case work and advocacy on a pro bono basis.

Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Stretch RAP was launched in July 2020 and has 4 key planks: *Creating
Strong Enterprises & Economic Development * Supporting Indigenous Social Mobility * Leading Systemic Reform & Advocacy * Bolstering Support for Community-Led Change & Place-Based Initiatives.

Youth Diversion Project

KWM is working in close collaboration with our community partners as part of a Youth Diversion Project. This law and procedure reform project is focussed on the disproportionately low rates of diversion from court for young Aboriginal people coming into contact with police. The project involves detailed case file analysis, stakeholder consultations, and legislation and policy review. To date, the project has identified the need for and facilitated the introduction of specialist children & young person procedures and further reform considerations. Our work is ongoing.

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